Psalms 91:1.
New Living Translation
Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty
Turmoil on the right and turmoil on the left, how will we find rest? The rest of the Lord is found in abiding his spirit and allowing his Spirit to abide in each of us. In order to do this one must have a relationship with Christ.
The process of studying the word is not enough our must have prayer life and we must allow the word to be applied to our heart.
In 2010 where my daughter was laying in the hospital fighting for her life from Malaria she contracted in the mission field, I had to stand on the faith. I found peace in believing that God was going to bring her through it. Even though every doctor who saw her told me she would not make it I found my spirit resting in the promises of God’s word.
You see my relationship with Christ equip me to mentally walk through that battle with her. All glory be to God that today she is well! She is safe. She’s a mother and she is in the ministry.
Whenever you speak to her about the whole ordeal she says, “I knew I would be okay.”
These are testimonies of how abiding in Christ and allowing his Spirit to abide in you can bring you through the worst types situations.


           Walking through the fire!!

       By choosing to step out in your calling you are choosing to step into a life that makes you a target for the enemy. I can say form a very young age looking back I have seen many ways that the enemy has try to end my calling and/or my life. I am example of miracles. These are just a few of them: when I was born I had a diseases called HSP (Henoch-Schonlein Purpura ). The doctors told my mother I would die by the time I was six yrs old. Then throughout my school years I had broken at least 52 bones in my body. On one occasion I can remember falling off of a hay wagon at a Friends House during a church event and not being about to walk or move my body in any way. The adult’s carrying me to the car in a laying down position and rushing me to the Hospital after prayer. The doctor in the ER and the x-ray Lab said a prayer and has they were taking the X-rays the Doctor said Oh my God… it’s a miracle. They did seven X-RAYS and on the first I had a broken Spine but by the seventh my spine was back together and I was able to walk out of the Hospital. Then the last I will tell you about was while I was in Haiti. I contracted Malaria. It had caused my kidneys to shut down, my liver to slow down, my hair and nails to stop growing all in order to safe my self. I was on the brink of Death. I was scared yet I remember Job in the BIBLE and what he went through and I say that the LORD allowed me to go to Haiti and He had been with me the whole time. I know my work was unfinished and that I was able to meet people I would never have had the opportunity to meet had I not have gotten sick. I was able to minister to nurses, doctors, specialist, and other hospital staff. But as they were all Hoping I would live and Recover yet still saying she will probably die. I was saying God is using me. I got talk to a Family of a lady who had taking a School group to Haiti and had a car accident. I was able to tell them what happened, where it happened and what the diver’s thoughts were. It helped their family to know that God had people praying. I was one who got the team ready to respond and prayed over the equipment and all involved. Just because you may be Young don’t feel like you can’t be used by God and for his Glory Ps: 139.  It talks about Him know the Plans He has for us and all about us before we were ever created. I knew my calling since I was  three yrs old and in Sunday school. At thirteen the Lord allowed me to start my Mission trips but prior to that I was doing outreach in my own town. So hopefully you will be Encourage and know that the Lord can and will use you if you are willing to be used. To be used means you will seek his plans and Fallow him no matter the Cost and sometimes it is painful and seems like you are walking throughout a fire. Think on three Hebrew children.


     How do you know you are called? Scripture shows in Psalms 139:9 “your eyes saw my unformed body.

                All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be” What’s this say to you? Well to me it states that each one of us have our own purpose and people to reach and way of reaching them in Gods timing. Like me I have known my calling since I was two. Now you are thinking “say what?” Well let me explain. There was this Missionary who came to the church and brought with him pictures from Chad, Africa. They were of the hungry children “STARVING BABIES” is what I remembered and I had too do something. For weeks I wanted to send all my food to Africa for the babies, as the years progressed I can honestly say my calling has not change… only increased in passion to help or to serve. I am may not know your callings but God does. Each of us has to seek him for what it is. Once you find it you fit like the missing puzzle piece. You are not able to fit or feel the same in a different calling or dream. When we find our purpose now what? It will cost you and you may lose things, even people. The enemy will put hurdles in your life. For example in my life: Friendships that tried to take my time from focusing on God. Now even the choice of staying at home or trusting God and leaving everyone I know. Just as I have had to make difficult choices you may have to as well. I pray you follow the straight path and reach the pinnacle of you purpose in Christ.

Friendship is not suppose to be a one person thing.

Friendship is intended to be between two people. Yes it is true you may be a friend to someone who is not one to you. You may be asking what makes you a friend? You be wondering what does it take to have a good friendship that will last? What is the difference between a friend and acquaintance?

To be a friend who have to care about the person, build a relationship with the person, and listen to them. A friend is not someone who takes everything and put it all about them self. They do not ignore you when you try to reach out to them. Are you someone who tries to connect with people or are you someone who does not care about anyone but yourself? If you do not care about anyone else or try to reach out to anyone how can you expect someone else to reach out to you? You can have a friendship based off common interest, because the other person is fun to be around, you look up to them, or because when they need someone you were there.

A friendship can be built and last between two people who live a cross the world and may never see each other again or be between to people who see each other often. I can say from experience I have both types in my life. I have people from when I go on my mission trips that I build friendships with that I may never see again. I still take to listen to what they have to say and what is going on in the world around them, and in return they listen to what is going on here in the USA or wherever I may be. Weather you stay in touch by Email or Phones it is an important part to a friendship. I have some friends that I talk to a lot and some I am not able to talk with a lot. No matter how much time between the times you talk you can still catch up and be their friend. It is a group effort on asking one either how they are and trying to contact them.

Now let us look at this with our relationship with Christ and the Father. We are to Communicated on a Daily bases with the Lord and we do this by the reading of  His Word the BIBLE and through prayers or talks with the Lord. We don’t pray at God but we pray to Him. It says he seeks for us to desire to spend time with him. He will show himself to us and reveal his Characteristics. It is our choice weather we want a relationship just like it is our choice weather we are friends with someone or not.  Christ says come and I shall meet you half way. He does not make us walk the whole distance on our own.

An acquaintance is someone you see but dont really have a relationship with them. You may know things about them but you never connect with them or care to know what is going on with them in a personal level. People can say hi or even I care bout you and not really mean it. A friend will show it through there actions they will be there when they are needed and not only when it is convenient for them. They will go out of their own way when you need them too. In return you should be willing to do any thing you can to help them as well.